Student Life

We are a learning community. As a learning community, we believe that the best environment for learning exists where a sense of belonging is valued.

Our aims as a school are to:

  • Promote the Kingdom of God
  • Develop an inclusive culture of continuous improvement
  • Increase motivation and creativity
  • Enhance skills and understandings
  • Improve commitment and energy
  • Improve our capacity to respond positively to change
  • Improve learning programs for all members of the community
  • Develop more effective school, parish and community partnerships
  • Improve the quality of student outcomes

The best environment is where excellence in effort and achievement is recognised and where students develop independent learning skills and take full advantage of educational opportunities.

Our school community

Our school community is made up of:

  • Learners. Self-directed, lifelong and collaborative.
  • Citizens. Informed, involved and responsible.
  • Thinkers. Perceptive, constructive and complex.
  • Participants. Creative, active and culturally literate.
  • Individuals. Dependable, healthy and self-directed.
  • Contributors. Collaborative, reflective and informed.
  • Workers. Adaptable, collaborative and high-quality.
  • Communicators. Effective, responsible, concerned.
  • People. Caring, authentic and competent.