Religious Education

As a Catholic school, we emphasise the importance of faith development and community.

Regular liturgical celebrations are held and a love and understanding of the Catholic Faith are nurtured.

As with all curriculum areas, Religious Education is taught with an emphasis on developing the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes of children, based on their own experiences.

We ensure that each child:

  • Recognises their own unique gifts and the gifts of others.
  • Is encouraged to share these talents because this is what Jesus asks them to do.
  • Will feel part of our school community which is trying to follow the ways of Jesus.
  • Will have an awareness of God as a loving person and an awareness of themselves as being loved, and respond to this in prayer and action.
  • Will be to apply Catholic Christian values in his or her own life.
  • Will be led into a deeper participation in liturgy, sacraments and prayer.
  • Will be assisted to become a person of prayer.

Sacramental Preparation

As a part of the Glenelg parish, our school offers parents support in preparing their children for the Sacraments.

We help our parents discern when their children are ready, through their child's genuine desire to know more about and to participate fully in a relationship with God.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Preparation includes a parent information evening, where parents gain develop a deeper understanding of the Sacraments, and follow a program of prayer, Scripture discussion and activities.

Families also attend a commitment Mass, and the Sacrament is conferred by the First Rite of Reconcilation. Individual times are organised with the Parish priest.

Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist

Preparation for parents starts with a parent information evening, and a program or prayer, Scripture and discussion is followed over four session.

Families attend a commitment Mass and a workshop to practise the ceremony and decorate stoles.

Confirmation and Eucharist are usually celebrated at a Sunday Mass with the Parish.