Our Vision and Values

St Mary's Memorial School is a Catholic school within the Dominican tradition of teaching and spiritual ideals.

Our vision is to:

  • Educate
  • Be a welcoming Christian community
  • Develop independent, positive, visible learners


We endeavour to do this by:

  • to fostering a safe, caring and happy learning environment in which children are challenged to achieve their full potential in the spirit of Jesus within the Catholic tradition
  • providing a continuing, holistic education striving for excellence in spiritual, academic, social and physical development
  • inviting families to join with staff to educate for participation in Church and world communities, in an atmosphere of belonging, where individuality is respected and justice and equity encouraged
  • preparing children for the challenges at and beyond their education at St Mary's Memorial School

Christ is central in all areas of curriculum and school life.

Learning at St Mary’s Memorial School occurs with an attitude of love and forgiveness as exemplified by Christ.

Our school environment embodies the love, care, support, nurture and discipline of a Christian home.

We are committed to the total experience of learning being positive and enjoyable.

We recognise the individuality of all students and every effort is made by the school to maximise opportunities for them to realise their potential.

All students are challenged to achieve their optimum potential in a happy and flexible environment.

We promote awareness of the environment and an ethos of sensitivity to environment concerns, directions and issues.

We endeavour to provide a breadth of experience, encouraging creativity with flexible responses to opportunities.

We are committed to developing a meaningful relationships between Church and the wider community.

Parents, volunteers and community members are valued and encouraged to contribute positively to the total learning environment of the school.

A committed and professional Staff which shares the vision and contributes to the mission of St Mary’s Memorial School.