Our Philosophy

Our philosophy draws on the rich tradition of both the Josephite and the Dominican Sisters with its deep respect for the uniqueness of the individual child, and its emphasis on justice and equity with all that this means for programs and pedagogical style.

The majority of our students continue their education at Sacred Heart College Champagnat Campus. Some students go to Cabra, St. Mary’s and St Aloysius Colleges.

The parent community plays a leading role in the development of the school and contributes much to its friendly, supportive atmosphere. Parents are discriminating and discerning partners in the educational process and will soon note the tone of a school.

The parent attitude towards a school has a powerful influence on how well their children will progress and ultimately how well the school will succeed.

Many influences contribute to create the “climate” of a school and then fashion the image the school develops in the eyes of parents and the local community.

The Principal and APRIM are the key people in the creation of Christian Community in a Catholic School. While administration, supervision, organisation and teaching are important roles of the Principal and APRIM their most valuable contribution is creating a warm, supportive climate of Christian Community.

In the eyes of parents and students, the most important people in the educative process are the classroom teachers. Teachers then, are also important links in fostering a healthy climate. Together with a supportive climate, the children need sponsors or models. In other words, dedicated Christian teachers, religious and lay - who will struggle with, search alongside and affirm the faith of students are vitally necessary if the young are to grow in faith.

Our School Prayer

This is our school. Let peace live here...

Let the rooms be filled with happiness. 
Let love be felt here: love of God
love of our fellow humans,
Love one another, and love of life itself.
Let us remember, that as many hands build a house, so many hearts make a school.
Lord, we ask you to bless all of us involved in St Mary's Memorial School,
Children, Parents, Priests and Teachers.  Help us to work together to continue to make our school
a place where everyone is welcomed and supported.
In the true spirit of God's love for us.