About Us

St Mary's Memorial embodies a sense of belonging.

We are a progressive Catholic educational school dedicated to fostering your child's growth and providing outstanding academic experiences within a faith-based setting.

Our inclusive and warm community collaborates closely with you, recognising your role as your child's primary educator, as we collectively shape the character and intellect of our young learners.

Principal's Welcome

On behalf of the school community, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to St Mary’s Memorial School, Glenelg.

St Mary’s Memorial School is located within the Glenelg Catholic Parish. The school is located one street south of Jetty Road; the central commercial/business focus of the district and is in close proximity to the beach.

St Mary’s Memorial School is a co-educational Reception to Year 6 school. The school is a tier one school within the South West Region Cluster of schools. After Year 6, our students go on to the Sacred Heart College Champagnat Campus which is co-educational Years 7-9 and/or Cabra Dominican College which is co-educational  Years 7-12.

I trust that your association with this school will be a mutually beneficial and fulfilling experience. As a faith community our emphasis is on care and concern for each other, as well as providing a learning environment that will develop the full potential of each individual learner.

We also invite parents to take on an active part in the social initiatives of the school community, and look forward to your contribution to the school culture/ way of life.

We would consider it a privilege to partake with you in the early years of your child’s educational formation. We look forward to walking alongside you throughout your association with our school community.

Thank you!
Sonja Smith, Acting Principal

Working with our parents and families

We acknowledge that parents are the first educators of their children....

Our school encourage you actively contribute and share in your child’s education. We look forward to working in partnership with you as your child develops their full potential – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

We will be working with you to ensure that your child’s education at St Mary’s Memorial is both a memorable and rewarding experience, which will enable him/her to grow into a well-balanced, responsible young person, capable of meeting the challenges of further education with confidence and enthusiasm; and capable of understanding and contributing to their community.

We will do our part. Every staff member at St Mary’s Memorial School is committed to helping your child reach his/her highest potential. We know each child is unique and not every child comes to school with the same experiences, backgrounds, or potential. However, every child can learn and we maintain high expectations.